Proposed Legislation:

A Risky Accounting Gimmick - Secondary Capital Unlikely

Despite Mica’s optimism, the proposed legislation regarding PCA is viewed by some as an accounting gimmick that fails to provide a safe and solid solution for fast growing credit unions. The tinkering supported by this proposed legislation is not a long term solution. It does not add a single dollar of actual (tangible) capital - it merely leverages the credit union’s existing capital across more assets. The legislation has mixed support among credit union leaders and generates serious concerns for the 6,500 smaller credit unions experiencing slow growth. The bill, designed to fuel the rapid growth of large credit unions, increases systemic risks and the liability of directors who might utilize its provisions. The growth would force NCUSIF to charge insurance premiums, thus hurting the earnings of the smaller credit unions already pressured by plunging investment yields and rapid member defections to larger credit unions. The Bill’s passage is unlikely. Efforts, dating back to 1999, to enact laws to allow secondary capital, opposed by many credit unions large and small, are also likely to fail.