Hearings on Tax Exempt Organizations Can Be Expected in 2005

CU Times Feb 3, 2005

WASHINGTON—House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas notified House leadership yesterday that he plans to proceed with hearings on tax-exempt organizations.

One of the items on the list for the Subcommittee on Oversight is a review of tax-exe

mpt organizations. The subcommittee, he wrote, “intends to hold hearings in coordination with the full Committee and other Subcommittees on the appropriate role of tax exempt organizations.”

Thomas continued, “The Subcommittee will review current law, the adequacy of IRS oversight and reporting requirements, and consider recommendations for reform.” He also said the subcommittee would look into the role of 527 organizations in political campaigns.

Last spring, Thomas announced that he would hold hearings on the societal good of certain tax-exempt organizations, specifically mentioning hospitals and credit unions.