Community Credit Union Unveils New Name and Logo

From CU Times 11/22/2005 03:55 PM

PLANO, Texas — Community Credit Union will become a mutual savings bank — ViewPoint Bank — when it opens its doors Jan. 3, 2006. The credit union announced the name change and revealed its new logo to members this week by mail and on its Web site.

The overriding message in the credit union’s member communication is that credit union and bank attributes are being melded to create a new breed of financial institution.

“Under this new charter, we’ll be more than a mutual savings bank — we’ll be the best of both worlds. By combining the resources of a mutual savings bank with the service and dedication of a credit union, this new institution will be something unexpected in the banking world.”

The communication reiterated the reasons for changing charters — to better serve members and to expand capital. “A credit union can only generate a certain amount of capital, so we were faced with a choice: stop expansion of our products and services and stay a credit union or change our charter and forge ahead. We chose the second option! Rest assured, we’ll still have the heart of a credit union.”